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We need you! 

Could you offer a few hours a week to help with the campaign and contribute towards protecting our town and local environment?   

We are currently looking for people to help with social media, website management and in a secretarial role.  

There is no set time duration for the roles and they fit in easily around your other commitments.  Each role can be shared and would need no more than a few hours a week.  

Social media - we have an active Facebook account which need to be monitored for messages and updated with posts

Website - we have a dedicated website with a linked blog.  As with the Facebook account, this needs to be monitored and updated

Secretary role - this role sounds scarier than it is!  We currently have a monthly (zoom) meeting lasting between 60 - 90 mins during which the secretary takes notes and then distributes them to the other committee members as well as checking the email account.    As with the other roles, it can be shared and a full handover will be arranged.  

If you have any questions about the roles above, please get in touch via our email address helpsavethebeach@gmail.com

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Save Holcombe and Teignmouth Beach Mission Statement

The association is a not for profit organisation, which has been formed by volunteers for the purpose of saving and securing the future of Holcombe and Teignmouth Beach, its access, wildlife and environment for all to enjoy.


To do this, the association will work together, where possible, with Network Rail and other stakeholders to seek and lobby for practical and sympathetic solutions to the threats posed by Network Rail's current proposals, whilst also preserving the protecting the historic coastal railway.


The association will seek to highlight and raise public awareness of the damage that Network Rail's currently proposed plan would cause to the beaches, sea, environment, wildlife, flora and fauna, including but not limited to the protected species in the area, and to work with other bodies to secure their retention and enhancement where appropriate. It will also aim to raise awareness of the disruption to residents, businesses and visitors which would result from the proposed plans.


Save Holcombe and Teignmouth Beach Association recognise and applaud Network Rail's published Environmental Policy and will seek to hold them accountable for the current, and any perceived, future failure to follow this.

About the campaign

Network Rail are planning to cover your beach with concrete, destroy Brunel's sea-wall and leave us with very little beach.  Here is how you can help >> 

We are not against the railway - there are solutions which will allow us to keep the beach and nurture the marine environment while also ensuring the railway is protected for years to come.  Read about the campaign >>