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Frequently asked questions and myth-busters

What’s the point in campaigning? It’s a done deal already.

No, it is not a done deal.  The public consultation period is now ended and Network rail are now consulting the statutory stakeholders (Link to how to help page with new list of stakeholders, who to write to what etc). The works order is due later in the year (is this right.. what's the right way to say this?)


I thought it was a choice between beach OR railway? 

We believe that the railway at Teignmouth is a vital link between our coastal towns and the rest of the country. This is important not only for the many individuals who are reliant on the railway, but also for tourism and the local economy. We are calling on Network Rail to consider environmentally sympathetic alternatives that will preserve the beach, the historic sea wall and the railway. Geologists, engineers and other independent specialists who have examined NR’s proposal are confident that there are positive alternatives that will preserve the beach and the railway. There is no good reason why it should be an either/or issue.


Why are you against the railway? Why are you anti-rail?


We are not against the railway! The Save the Beach campaign recognises the need for a resilient railway and is working hard to ensure a solution that benefits all parties.

We are 100% for the railway, please see above. 

Aren't you just pedalling gossip?

In a project of this magnitude, feelings inevitably run high, but we are not in the habit of spreading gossip. We believe in unpicking the details of Network Rail’s plans and examining their implications so that people can make informed decisions before it’s too late.  


You’re not engineers, so how do you know anything!

We actively seek the opinions of experts, including engineers and geologists, who have experience of this kind of project. On the committee itself there are a number of individuals with specialist knowledge. 


Are you local?

Yes. Everyone on the committee and all who are working on saving Teignmouth and Holcombe Beach and railway lives locally. However, we would never exclude anyone from this dialogue on the basis of their location. We have had lots of constructive feedback from people who live elsewhere and who also have concerns about the impact of Network Rail’s plans.


No-one uses the beach anyway apart from a few dog walkers

This wild stretch of beach is hugely popular with both locals and visitors. Take a look at the What the Beach Means to Me page, and the pictures from the Human Chain protest to see how passionate people are about the beach.

Surfers use the beach as do paddle boarders, wild sea swimmers, kayakers, families, runners, walkers, school trips, photographers, metal detectors, life saving club and the lifeboat training do air/sea rescues. Visually impaired visitors staying at Cliffden use the beach because it is a very suitable, flat beach with good entry.  Dog walkers can use the Holcombe end of the beach all year round. Restrictions on Teignmouth Beach.  


We need a railway more than a tiny beach


Why was the railway shut in 2014? Was it shut in 2014 because of the cliff fall rather than the loss of wall at Dawlish


What's the alternative?

There are many alternatives - link to downloads page


Why would you know better than Network Rail?

Because we live here and Network Rail don't. Network Rail are seeing this purely about money, where people living here see it more emotionally (Chris H put it really well - can you remind me how you worded it?) 


Why would NR try to mislead us?


This is for the greater good. Millions of people will be  cut off. 


You're being  selfish - I need that railway,  every day, to get to work. How would i get to work?


NR have listened to us and they've already changed their plans. Why cant you compromise too?


there's loads of other beach left; town and back beach.


Talk about scouring, sand levels dropping.


What’s the point? It’s a done deal already.


Consultations end march 1st before the application is put in later in the year. The more feedback the better as it increases the likelyhood of a public enquiry being held to consider all the options and come up with a better plan for Teignmouth.


I thought it was a choice between beach OR railway?


No, it has never been an either.or choice. The campaign is pushing for a solution that retains this vital railway while at the same time not destroying a beach (and possibly damaging all of Teignmouth's beach) and historic Brunel attraction, as well as having a negative effect on human health, tourism and the town's businesses.


Aren't you just pedalling gossip?


All our information comes from scrutiny by professional outside engineers, geologists  and environmental agencies. 


You’re not engineers, so how do you know anything!


See above! 


Are you local?


Yes, we all live in the local area and many of us were born here and grew up here. However, those who have moved here, and those who visit and love Teignmouth, are equally passionate about saving the beach.


No-one uses the beach anyway


The beach is often full of people enjoying the seaside. For centuries doctors have prescribed sea air for mental and pohsical health - this is why Keats spent a year in Teignmouth. Walkers, runners, dog-walkers, families and children all walk/run/play/picnic/paddle and swim on the beach. Imagine how crowded the town part of the beach will be if the rest is lost. See what people have written on the What the Beach Means to Me page. 


The beach is only used by dog-walkers


We know how many people use the beach and walking dogs is good for the dog owners tooo etc etc


It won't affect local businesses 


Very few local business stand to gain other than sellers of refreshments to railway workers. Estate agents are already reporting a negative effect on house prices/potential viewers. Who would buy in a town threatened with loss of its beach and building works for years ahead? If people keep away due to the work that means loss for shops, hotels and other accommodation.     See all the open letters we have received

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