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Network Rail are threatening to cover over and destroy our beach and Brunel’s wall with a vast swathes of concrete.  We want Network Rail to come up with an environmentally sympathetic plan.  We want them to do the right thing.  Join us in the campaign to save Teignmouth and Holcombe beaches and save Brunel's sea wall. 

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Network Rail: Parson’s Tunnel to Teignmouth Resilience Project

Parson’s Tunnel to Teignmouth Resilience Project Overview for Public Consultation >>

Network Rail survey - this must be completed by the end of February 2020 for your views to be taken into account

Network Rail >>

Next consultations

On Teignmouth dates, here will be a bus service from Teignmouth Station

Dates, places and times >>


Sign the petition to Network Rail and give your reasons

Network Rail petition >>

In the press

Mid Devon Advertiser. Teignmouth Beach protest at rail line realignment

Teignmouth Today: Beach protest at rail line realignment


Devon Live:  Human chain protest to demonstrate impact of rail changes on beach


Devon Live: Why I was proud of this very British protest to save the very best of Devon

The Sunday Times >>

"A Devon beach renowned for its beauty could become one of the first victims of Britain’s “climate resilience” programme, stripped of its sand and buried beneath 15ft of concrete topped by a railway line." - The Sunday Times (December 2019)

The Telegraph >>

The slice of British seaside heritage that's on the brink of being lost.

Teignbridge District Councillors:


Town Councillors:

BBC Radio Devon's Breakfast Show
Primary School children talk about why they would be devastated to see the environmental damage that Network Rail are proposing along our beautiful stretch of coastline.  It's about 1 hour 5 m minutes in.


In Hallsands, not too far down the Coast, the entire village was lost to the sea 102 years ago following misguided human activities interfering with the Sea. Read about it here: 

There are many ways you can help - write letters and emails, sign the petition, fill in our survey and let us know how you feel

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