Comments from concerned resident Richard Wood BSc. PhD

Dear Sir, Madam

I write because of my concern about the planning process being followed by Network Rail for the railway line between Dawlish and Teignmouth.

Although Network Rail are following the recommended consultation process and are inviting comments on their published plans, the Agency should be aware that Network Rail have not made public any costed alternative options nor have they published any quantified loss of benefit to the local community from the environmental impact of their current plans. Indeed, when comments have been made in response to their consultation by myself , no acknowledgment or reply is provided.

In summary, I fear that Network Rail are intent on driving through their chosen solution, which appears to overlook the amenity value of the beaches and protection of the existing littoral environment.

In addition I fear that they are ignoring previously published work showing the importance of longshore drift in the formation and maintenance of the local beaches and the historic evidence of a diminution in the attractive yellow beach sand south of Dawlish Warren , with both Dawlish and Teignmouth town beaches now being mainly, locally generated, coarse red sand. Between these, the beaches at Holcombe and between Sprey Point and Teignmouth still retain the finer, yellow sand and in consequence their amenity value and their storage role in feeding material to Teignmouth town beach is invaluable.

I have recently met Damian and Alice Bird in Teignmouth who represent “savethebeach“ and who also would like to see properly costed alternative rail schemes examined which minimise loss of these beaches . We cannot just consider providing a reliable railway, but also, one which protects the amenity and the environment.

Although I have qualifications in geology and professional experience and publications relevant to this issue, I comment as a concerned resident only.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Wood. BSc. PhD.


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