Do the only thing that really matters

The single most important thing you can do to sway plans and try to save your beach is to let Network Rail know how you feel - before the end of February

Any other conversations you have about the railway and beach - whether in person, discussions on social media, at the consultation events or otherwise will NOT count in the final outcome.

Network Rail are ONLY interested in their survey and letters to them directly regarding their plans.

There are two ways you can be sure to have your feelings taken into account:

We must act now as the consultation period ends on February 29th.

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Network Rail are threatening to cover over and destroy our beach and Brunel’s wall with a vast swathes of concrete.  We want Network Rail to come up with an environmentally sympathetic plan.  We want them to do the right thing.  Join us in the campaign to save Teignmouth and Holcombe beaches and save Brunel's sea wall. 

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