Horrific visualisation of the new sea wall at Holcombe Beach and ways to help the campaign

80,000 cubic metres / 200,000 tonnes of concrete...

"A few friends and I marked out roughly where the proposed new seawall would impinge on the beach from Sprey Point to Smugglers Cove and here are the pictures. We did this at low tide on 7th February. Low tide was 1.6m which was a statistically "average" height - i.e. about half-way between the lowest Spring and highest Neap low waters - so an average beach at low tide. All measurements were based on the scale plans provided by Network Rail at the recent consultations."

This is approximately what it would look like at the Smugglers Lane end. Not shown is the pipe which will need to be laid across the top of the beach to carry the water from the stream running down to Smugglers Cove.

An impression of the what first set of steps from Holcombe would look like from the beach, which is roughly where the proposed new return ramps to the beach will end.

An impression of the new wall from the same position - difficult to convey because it curves around along the red line so would block the area marked by the foreground transparent rectangle.

An impression of the new view from the top of the existing seawall.

With many thanks to Neil Howell, Holcombe Resident

Network Rail’s figure is 80,000 cubic metres, or 200,000 tonnes of concrete to be poured over Brunel's sea wall and Holcombe and Teignmouth Beach. .

You must let Network Rail know how you feel by the end of this month

The two things you can do in the campaign to save Teignmouth and Holcombe beach and railway are to let Network Rail know how you feel by filling in their survey (online or on the back of their consultation leaflets) and by writing to Network Rail.

Network Rail consultation survey leaflets are now available to download on our website so that you can print them out and send them back using Freepost.

We encourage you to print the forms out and hand out to those who might not have internet access or who were unable to pick up a form at the event.

Please see all details of the survey (online and to print) and who to write to here >>:


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Network Rail are threatening to cover over and destroy our beach and Brunel’s wall with a vast swathes of concrete.  We want Network Rail to come up with an environmentally sympathetic plan.  We want them to do the right thing.  Join us in the campaign to save Teignmouth and Holcombe beaches and save Brunel's sea wall. 

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