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Today sees the start of the final round of Network Rail’s Public Consultations and unveil new updated plans. Please attend as many sessions as you can.

Monday 20th January - Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish 4pm – 8pm

Tuesday 21st January - Teignmouth Golf Club 4pm – 8pm (shuttle buses running from Teignmouth station) 

Wednesday 22nd January - Newton Abbott Race Course 12pm – 4pm

Thursday 23rd January - Holcombe Village Hall 12pm – 4pm

Friday 24th January - The Grand Hotel, Torquay 12pm – 4pm

There are more dates the following week. For full details of all events, see :

We need you to ask questions. Here are some ideas of things you can ask:

What other options have been explored and why have these been discounted?

What access will there be to the remaining beach?

  • Is it true that during construction there will be only one access point to the sea for 1.7km?

  • Is it true that Holcombe residents will have to walk 3km to get to their local beach?

  • What facilities will you provide to allow for disabled access from Smugglers Lane?

How will we be able to make informed comment on the scheme without prior sight of the environmental impact report?

In the model, what state of the tide is shown?

  • Is the image shown at a high, low, neap or spring tide? Network Rail's image is based on a very low tide as happens once per month to make it appear as if there will be more beach.

How many meters will the end of the new sea wall be from the existing sea wall?

How will the scour affect other local beaches?

  • Scour occurs when the wave action against a wall takes the sand away from the bottom of the wall, as has happened in Dawlish recently.

  • Scour can be mitigated by the use of breakwaters or groynes - sturdy barriers built out to see to keep erosion and drifting in check.

What effect will the new sea wall have on the sand and sediment cycle?

  • How will this effect the entrance to Teignmouth Harbour and Port?

  • Who will pay for any additional dredging needing to be carried out?

How will you remove the sand dug out for foundations?

  • How will the sand be removed and where will the excess sand be put?

How will the buttresses be built?

  • What will they look like?

  • Where will they be built and how will they be transported and constructed?

What modelling has been undertaken to guarantee the sustainability and future of Teignmouth beach?

  • What mitigation measures are being installed to enhance beach regeneration? Will there be breakwaters or groynes?

How will you manage the beach while works are being done?

  • What is your beach management plan?

  • Please explain the aims and objectives of plans for the beach.

  • Please explain what plans are in place and what is driving them.

  • What will the beach be like when work is finished?

Have you undertaken a fully independent environmental impact assessment?

  • What are the potential impacts of their design on the local coastal marine habitats?

  • Has there been a coastal flooding assessment?

  • How will the existing rock pools at Spray point be protected?

  • How will the existing tamarisk trees be protected?

What is being done to stabilise the cliffs?

Are you preserving or re-using the stones used in our historic Brunel’s sea wall?

How long will construction take and when will it start?

How will i access the beach during construction?

  • Where will the public walkways be?

  • To the cliffs or on the seaward side?

Will i still have a view of the sea while walking on the new pathway?

  • In Network Rail's new mock-up walkway by the cliffs there is a wooded fence along the path on the seaward side which seems to have a higher wall and would block the view.

Have Network Rail undertaken a full and independent numerical modelling of the waves, currents and sediment as a result of the new coastal structure?

  • Has the impact of how waves, currents and sediments on the surrounding coastline between the Ness Head and Holcombe been considered?

Have Network Rail undertaken fully independently environmental impact assessments?

  • Have potential impact impact assessments been done on the local surrounding coastal marine habitats?

  • Have potential impact impact assessments been done on local beach sustainability?

  • Has there been a flood impact assessment?


Come prepared by familiarising yourself with the current plan and information about the Save the Beach Campaign.

We need you to ask questions and have your questions listened to and taken into account.

Link to Network Rail's current plan:

Information about the Save the Beach campaign:

And finally, let us know how you get on! Contact us.


Join us for a peaceful protest!

Monday 10th February, 3 - 7pm at the Pavillions, Teignmouth, TQ14 8BG

Come down any time between the hours of 3 and 7. Bring friends and family.... as many people as you can.

For more information, see


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