Responses from the 5 parliamentary candidates

A week ago Clive emailed the 5 local parliamentary candidates for Newton Abbot, asking for their positions on the Network Rail plans between Parsons Tunnel and Teignmouth.

Their summarised responses were as follows;

  • Anne-Marie Morris (Conservatives) - No response

  • James Osben (Labour) - No response

  • Megan Debenham (Green Party) - Not an expert, but adamant that something should be done to preserve the Rail link. Did not directly comment on the Save the Beach position.

  • David Halpin (Independent) - Admitted to not having read into it to any degree. Offered his support in wishing to thrash it out for the best.

  • Martin Wrigley (Liberal Democrats) - Agreed that we need a new design. Stated that, whilst National Rail advertised plan and design met their priorities, it didn’t achieve the local needs.

I have tried to summarise the responses fairly, but would welcome any further clarification.

I was personally left with little doubt that Martin Wrigley cares and takes this issue more seriously than any of the other candidates.


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