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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Network Rail need to make an application for a Transport and Works Act Order to the Secretary of State for Transport. They plan to concrete over our beaches in the name of resilience.  

We are pushing Network Rail to work harder on finding a solution where the railway keeps on running on its historically important sea wall, and our beaches remain beautiful for all to enjoy.  Network Rail say they have listened to local residents. Our data proves otherwise.

Rail users across the South West will be able to contribute their opinions on the proposals until March 1st in a second round of public consultation which will help shape the final designs.

If you have not been to see the plans yourself, the details are here, along with questions to put to Network Rail:

Please do not put this off until tomorrow - now is the time to let your feelings known before it is too late. 


These are the quantitative results of our online survey which was advertised through Facebook, email, website and word-of-mouth over 23 days from the 20th of December, 2019, to the 12th of January, 2020.

The survey is ongoing and new questionnaires are being completed every day. We will publish more updates soon.

If you have not completed it yet, please now complete our survey.

93% of people are not happy for Network Rail to build over the beaches

68% of people feel they have not been given enough information by Network Rail

86% of people feel that Network rail have publicised their plans to build over the beaches.

67% of people feel they have been adequately consulted about Network Rail's plans

82% of people have enough knowledge and information from British Rail to make a decision about building over the beaches

71% of people do not understand why Network Rail have chosen this option rather than one that would have enabled us to keep the beaches.


Watch an ITV news report:

Find out about the plans and what you can do to help save your beach -


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