That's awful!

I think most, if not everyone, who has seen the David Attenborough documentary, Extinction: The Facts will have thought 'That's awful!' multiple times! The images and content were designed to shock, but rather than the usual shocking for shockings sake, I think it was designed to try and explain the reality. As a result of the programme, I think many people have started to look at what they can do, as individuals, to reduce their impact on our planet.

Our campaign has always been largely about the preservation of our beaches and local habitats. It's an arguably small stretch of coast and some have argued, 'not big enough to be an issue if it goes'. In the grand scheme of things, the amount of beach lost would be physically small, but the wider impact could be huge.

We are incredibly lucky to live in such a stunning place, with dolphins, seals, sea horses, sea grass beds, crustaceans too many to name, jelly fish, different varieties of sea plants and fish.

The loss of the beaches at Holcombe and Teignmouth under the new railway proposals, to say nothing of the potential impact it would have further along the coast, would be hugely detrimental to all of the wildlife that live here and that in turn would have an impact further along the coast.

We owe it to ourselves and future generations to ALL put the effort in to do our part. Whether that be changing our habits regarding our food, clothing or travel choices or fighting to protect our environment on a large scale or one more local. No one can do everything but we can all do something.

Please actively support our campaign, get involved with the committee, talk about it with friends and family to make them aware of the reality, share posts on fb, write to your MP reminding them that they are YOUR voice to the council and government. 

We can't sit back and think 'oh that's awful', 'someone else will do it', 'I'm just one person' and without wanting to sound like a cliche, if we all do something we CAN make a difference.

We're still waiting for the consultation report and the Environmental impact assessment from Network Rail and as soon as we hear, we will let you all know.

Thank you for your support so far and please don't stop! 


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