Two peaceful protests

Join us for two peaceful protests against Network Rail's plans to destroy our stunning and unique 1.7km sandy beach and our historic Isambard Kingdom Brunel sea wall

Network Rail have been presenting their plans to the residents of Teignmouth, Holcombe and surrounding villages. They need to make an application for a Transport and Works Act Order to the Secretary of State for Transport. They plan to concrete over our beaches in the name of resilience.  

We are pushing Network Rail to work harder on finding a solution where the railway keeps on running on its historically important sea wall, and our beaches remain beautiful for all to enjoy.

Please help and show your support by joining us on us these two peaceful protests!  

HUMAN CHAIN - Saturday 8th February 2020 at 11am

We will gather together to make a Human Chain which will mark out the position of Network Rail's proposed new concrete wall.

Meet us on Teignmouth Beach near the Corinthian Yacht Club by 11am.

GATHERING IN NUMBERS - Monday 10th February 2020 at 3.30pm

We will gather outside the Pavilions, Teignmouth to coincide with Network Rail's last consultation in Teignmouth.

Share these events and bring along everyone you know - including friends, family, dog walkers - all are welcome!

What the beach means to me

Read what the beach means to local residents in these Impassioned pleas - and feel free to add your own reasons to save your beach.

Questions to ask

If you have not been to see the plans yourself, the details are here, along with questions to put to Network Rail:

Have your say - fill in our survey

We can hold onto historical institutions and still be a modern country

On ITV news

Watch an ITV news report:

More ways you can help

Find out about the plans and what you can do to help save your beach -


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Network Rail are threatening to cover over and destroy our beach and Brunel’s wall with a vast swathes of concrete.  We want Network Rail to come up with an environmentally sympathetic plan.  We want them to do the right thing.  Join us in the campaign to save Teignmouth and Holcombe beaches and save Brunel's sea wall. 

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