Visual representation of how little beach will be left if Network Rail plans go ahead

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Help invite everyone to our Human Chain event on Teignmouth Beach A visual representation of how much beach will be lost forever

We are inviting as many people as humanly possible to our Human Chain event on Teignmouth Beach 8th February, 11am. We will meet at the East Cliff part of the beach by the Yacht Club.

Please invite everyone you know, and invite anyone in the public eye you think can help save our beach.

Posters to download and print at home can be found here >>


Here is a template to help you compose invitations. Please personalise it! :

Dear _ _ _ _ _ ,

I would like to invite you to the Human Chain event on Teignmouth Beach on 8th February at 11am.

We will use a chain of Teignmouth and Holcombe residents to mark out the position of the new concrete sea wall being proposed by Network Rail. Measurements used have been provided by Network Rail and have been accurately marked out by a local architect. A drone will be used to photograph the event and we expect a lot of press at this event. As a local resident, I feel it is of upmost importance that you attend this visually powerful event as it will show a true representation fo the proposed new concrete wall without which you will not be able to give a fair view of the proposals.  Please let me know if you plan to attend or send someone on your behalf.  Kind regards, 

_ _ _ _ _


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